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On January 2022, the Lin Yee Chung Association (LYCA) presented their Mānoa Banyan Court proposal for affordable senior housing to the board of Mālama Mānoa at our monthly Zoom Board meeting. An ad hoc committee of Mālama Mānoa Directors and Advisors was immediately formed to investigate the facts of the project. A month later, in February 2022, our committee toured the site slated for development with Charles Wong, President of LYCA and two of the architects from G70.

At this point, we have not stated an official position. Recently the DPP issued a finding of ʻIncompleteʻ as to LYCAʻs Draft Environmental Assessment (DEA). Mālama Mānoaʻs ad hoc committee is reviewing the recently suggested changes.

On numerous occasions we have suggested that LYCA and G70 engage not only with the immediate community, but the Valley as a whole as much as possible. We welcome and encourage continued community input on this significant project and look forward to LYCA’s open and candid communication with Mānoa residents.

Best regards,

Linda Legrande

President, Mālama Mānoa


LYCA - Mānoa Banyan Court 

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